High School Courses

Imperial Academy of Canada is a Private High School, providing High School Courses; to prepare students for universities, colleges and to prepare students to work in different professions.

  • English
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Business
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Job Ready Courses

We have courses for Students to work in different professions, who want to learn trade skills, want to work or to start business after getting High School Diploma.

  • Hairstyling and Aesthetics
  • Health Care
  • Child care and Adult care
  • Transportation Technology (Vehicle Maintenance)
  • Hospitality and Tourism (work place preparation)
  • Entrepreneurship

Courses for Mature Students

We have courses for Mature Students who want to excel further in their Studies.

  • Graduate Preparation Program
  • Graduate Preparation Program provides instruction to students who have an Under Garduate degree from overseas and are seeking admission in Canadian universities at an Undergraduate or a Graduate degree level. The students will be prepared to further excel in the research and study skills.

  • University Preparation Program
  • University Preparation Program provides instruction to students who have passed grade 12 in an out of province high school and are seeking admission in Canadian universities. The students will be able to further excel in the language and study skills as well as will obtain the knowledge, to successfully completing a program at an Undergraduate level.

  • English as a Second Language
  • English as a second language program is for non English speakers. The program is for those students who are looking to improve their English. The program focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing to give students full understanding of the English language.

Student Services

  • Our counselors will advise you on the programs, assist you when you will require any help and will assist you with the accommodation....

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