Course Code Course Name Course Discription Prerequisites
(ENG4U) English, Grade 12, University This course emphasizes the consolidation of the literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyse a range of challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures; interpret and evaluate informational and graphic texts; and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will be on using academic language coherently and confidently, selecting the reading strategies best suited to particular texts and particular purposes for reading, and developing greater control in writing. The course is intended to prepare students for university, college, or the workplace. Grade 11 English, University Preparation
(OLC4O) Grade 12, Open This course is designed to help students acquire and demonstrate the cross-curricular literacy skills that are evaluated by the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). Students who complete the course successfully will meet the provincial literacy requirement for graduation. Students will read a variety of informational, narrative, and graphic texts and will produce a variety of forms of writing, including summaries, information paragraphs, opinion pieces, and news reports. Students will also maintain and manage a portfolio containing a record of their reading experiences and samples of their writing. Eligibility requirement: Students who have been eligible to write the OSSLT at least twice and who have been unsuccessful at least once are eligible to take the course. (Students who already have met the literacy requirement for graduation may be eligible to take the course under special circumstances, at the discretion of the principal.)
(SBI4U) Biology, Grade 12, University This course provides students with the opportunity for in-depth study of the concepts and processes that occur in biological systems. Students will study theory and conduct investigations in the areas of biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular genetics, homeostasis, and population dynamics. Emphasis will be placed on the achievement of detailed knowledge and the refinement of skills needed for further study in various branches of the life sciences and related fields. Grade 11 Biology, University Preparation
(SCH4U) Chemistry, Grade 12, University This course enables students to deepen their understanding of chemistry through the study of organic chemistry, the structure and properties of matter, energy changes and rates of reaction, equilibrium in chemical systems, and electrochemistry. Students will further develop their problem-solving and investigation skills as they investigate chemical processes, and will refine their ability to communicate scientific information. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of chemistry in everyday life and on evaluating the impact of chemical technology on the environment. Grade 11 Chemistry, University Preparation
(SPH4U) Physics, Grade 12, University This course enables students to deepen their understanding of physics concepts and theories. Students will continue their exploration of energy transformations and the forces that affect motion, and will investigate electrical, gravitational, and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. Students will also explore the wave nature of light, quantum mechanics, and special relativity. They will further develop their scientific investigation skills, learning, for example, how to analyze, qualitatively and quantitatively, data related to a variety of physics concepts and principles. Students will also consider the impact of technological applications of physics on society and the environment. Grade 11 Physics, University Preparation
(GLS4O) Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary School, Grade 12, Open This course improves students’ learning and personal-management skills, preparing them to make successful transitions to work, training, and/or postsecondary education destinations. Students will assess their learning abilities and use literacy, numeracy, and research skills and personal-management techniques to maximize their learning. Students will investigate trends and resources to support their postsecondary employment, training, and/or education choices and develop a plan to help them meet their learning and career goals. NONE
(PPL4O) Healthy Active Living Education, Grade 12, Open This course focuses on the development of a personalized approach to healthy active living through participation in a variety of sports and recreational activities that have the potential to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. Students will develop and implement personal physical fitness plans. In addition, they will be given opportunities to refine their decision making, conflict-resolution, and interpersonal skills, with a view to enhancing their mental health and their relationships with others. NONE
(TOJ4C) Child Development and Gerontology, Grade 12, College This course enables students to examine the stages of child development and the aging process. Students will study the processes of disease and factors contributing to health and well-being in early and later life, and will develop skills required to meet the needs of children and older adults (care skills). Students will also learn about legislation governing the care of children and older adults; evaluate social and recreational activities, programs, and services for improving quality of life; and develop an awareness of health and safety issues, environmental and social issues, and career opportunities related to child care and gerontology. NONE
(TPJ4E) Health Care: Support Services, Grade 12, Workplace This course enables students to develop the basic skills needed for careers in a range of health care support services. Students will practice and apply a variety of clinical procedures and infection control skills as they learn about principles of infection control, service excellence, and the nature of the health care industry. Students will also investigate workers’ health and safety issues, environmental and societal issues related to health care, and career opportunities in the field. NONE
(TFJ4E) Hospitality and Tourism, Grade 12, Workplace This course enables students to further develop knowledge and skills related to the food and beverage services sector of the tourism industry. Students will demonstrate proficiency in using food preparation and presentation tools and equipment; plan nutritious menus, create recipes, and prepare and present finished food products; develop customer service skills; and explore event and activity planning. Students will expand their awareness of health and safety practices, environmental and societal issues, and career opportunities in the food and beverage services sector. Hospitality and Tourism, Grade 11, Workplace Preparation
(TTJ4E) Transportation Technology: Vehicle Maintenance, Grade 12, Workplace This course introduces students to the servicing, repair, and maintenance of vehicles through practical applications. The course is appropriate for all students as a general interest course to prepare them for future vehicle operation, care, and maintenance or for entry into an apprenticeship in the motive power trades. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to transportation, and will learn about careers in the transportation industry and the skills and training required for them. None

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